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  2. How does anyone manage to write anything in two pages double spaced? I’m so confused…

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September 2014


    September 2014

  5. My thinking is too abstract for me to be good at anything math/science-y yet too concrete for me to be good at anything creative.

    It’s not fair.

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    This is the correct face to make when being told you’re a heinous bitch.

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    LORD THING by DeWitt Beall 

    "Produced at the height of the black power movement in the early ‘70s, this film is an insider history into the genesis and transformation of the Conservative Vice Lords gang.  Partially shaped and told by by CVL members who also appear in the film, LORD THING is a unique and powerful tool that expresses an effort in self-transformation during a volatile and violent time in US race history.  Gritty and rhythmic, this unusual film reflects an under-told chapter in gang history as members from the West Side neighborhood of North Lawndale try to become viable and political agents in their community."

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